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(Photo of Newborn Rental Pack)

So, you are just coming home with your brand new baby. No doubt, you have done tons of research into the costs associated with being new parents, and you have probably been stocking as many items up that you have been able to grab on sale, including bottles, clothing, furniture, and equipment!

By now, you also have probably looked into diapering, and realized that you have many different options – including using disposable diapers or cloth diapers. If you haven’t made that first decision yet, I would suggest checking out this article, which is a cost comparison of disposable diapers and cloth diapers, and all the different cloth diapering variations.

If you have made that first choice, and if you have decided to go with cloth diapers, I am sure you have read many different horror blogs and articles *strongly* suggesting you wait a few months before you start cloth diapers. The reasoning will range from too much laundry, to not wanting to spend more money on a different sized stash, to stating that newborn poop will perma-stain your precious fluff.

If you haven’t read those articles, you might have come to the realization while putting your one-size diaper on your new bundle of joy, that your little one may not be quite big enough to curl up in their new fluffy bum.

Normally, cloth diapering parents’ immediate reaction is “It’s ok, we can just use disposables for the first few months – its only for a few months, right?” Let’s take a minute and look at how much those first few months actually will cost. For arguments sake, I did a quick Walmart search into the newborn diapering options that they had. The most affordable options they had available and in stock online were Pampers, Huggies, and Parent’s Choice (Walmart brand).

Pampers and Huggies cost $0.33 per diaper (purchasing the largest box), and Parent’s Choice cost $0.27 per diaper. Keeping these numbers in mind, and the fact that newborns use between 12 and 16 diapers a day for their first couple months, we can assume that the daily cost of disposables will run you between $3.24 and $5.28. That works out to $97.20 to $158.40 – just for the first 4 weeks! Not to mention the 360-480 diapers that are being added to our already-excessive landfill.

Ok, so now that you know the costs associated with newborn disposable diapers, let’s take a look at renting a package from one of the leading Canadian companies. After comparing 3 different cloth diapering companies (Little Monkey Store in Edmonton, Nature Bums in Niagara, ON, and ChangeMatt in Toronto, ON), the average weekly cost of a rental kit is $30 PLUS shipping PLUS a $400-$500 deposit! Needless to say, I was astounded at the lack of options for parents to rent an affordable newborn package, because the whole point of cloth diapering is to save money. At $30 per week, you are almost better to just use the disposables, and that defeats the purpose!

So, all of that being said, we at Piddly-Winx have decided to go ahead and offer parents across Canada an affordable newborn cloth diaper rental program. With only a $300 deposit, our rental price is $20 per week for the first 4 weeks, and $15 per week after that, and these fees are deducted right from your deposit. This cost includes shipping BOTH WAYS, so you do not need to worry about any hidden fees. This new program is being launched September 1st, 2014, and here is a sneak peek at what it is going to include:

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(Photo of Rental Portion of Pack)

Rental Kit Contents:

24 x Newborn Pocket Diapers and Inserts (will fit 4-10 lbs)

1 x One-Size Polyester Pocket Diaper with insert

1 x One-Size Bamboo Pocket Diaper with insert

1 x One-Size 5-Layer Hybrid Overnight Soaker

16 x Reusable 1-Layer Bamboo Cloth Wipes

1 x Diaper Pail Liner (Drawstring top and Zippered Bottom)

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(Photo of Freebies Renter Keeps!)

Also added into the rental package will be the following freebies for you to keep:

1 x Antibacterial Wet and Dry Bag

1 x roll of disposable liners (100 sheets)

1 x Information and Washing Guide

1 x Unique Coupon Code for Future Purchase


As always, we welcome any and all feedback! Please stay tuned for more information on our website as we get closer to launch date. If you would like to be one of the first to try out our new program, please send us an email.



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