• Piddly-Winx’s are the best! I have one single Piddly-Winxs diaper – and am eagerly waiting to place my order for more!! It is the prized diaper … You know the one … The first one you pop on out of the laundry? It is so very soft and comfy – and the snaps make sure it is the perfect fit for my little one. I haven’t had trouble with poop staining – at least nothing a little sunshine won’t fix. Highly, highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sarah N. – Canada

  • I just received my order yesterday and just wanted to say that the wet bags I got are gorgeous! The website pictures do not do them justice!

    Ellen – Grand Prairie, AB

  • We met at the end of April when I went to pick up my diapers and learn how to use them. I just wanted to tell you how thrilled we are with your products! Our daughter is 2 months now and wears them day and night. I am talking all my friends with babies (and even the ones without!!) into cloth diapering. Thank you!!

    Mireille – Ottawa, ON

  • Coming from a guy, cloth diapers used to scare me. The last thing I wanted was crap all over me when the baby did her thing, and the thought of mixing my laundry up in with the diapers really didn’t sit well with me – However, these diapers are really easy to use (the snaps were a little confusing, but the information sheet helps out a ton), and they RARELY ever leak. My wife is proud of me, and we have already saved the cost of the initial investment into the diapers – Thank you!

    Mike R. – Richmond, ON

  • “Omg, I love these diapers! They are so amazing so far! If you need a spokes woman or a sales person I think I’ve convinced my whole family how amaz(ing) they are, and can’t stop talking about them to anyone who will listen!”

    Katrina L. – London, ON

  • So far, I really like the diapers and have not had a single poo blowout with them yet!

    Bailey D. – Ottawa, ON

  • I love your diapers. I recently bought Piddly-Winx diapers for my grand-baby and I’m very pleased. They are soft, durable, easy to use, easy to wash, good value, and very fashionable! Thank you for such an environmentally friendly product.

    Cate M. – Winnipeg, MB

  • “We have had such a great experience with piddly winx diapers. we’ve been able to diaper our baby at a fraction of the cost of retail cloth diapers or disposable diapers. we also love that they are adjustable in size from newborn to toddler. we are confident that they will see our baby through to the toddler years and we will be able to use them on our next child as well. the small wet bags make the diapers easy to use while months road, and the large wet bags make laundry a snap! this has been a great investment for our growing family. we also love the cute designs and different fabrics available. i would recommend piddly winx to friends and family.”

    Allison P. – Ottawa, ON

  • “(I Have) washed them up and put them together. I’m in love! So very excited and our baby won’t be here for 3 more months. Just a little over excited! Thanks!”

    Ty-Ara F. – Regina, SK

  • “The diapers are working out great! We used the penguin minky one with a soaker last night and there were no leaks! I should mention that my baby girl sleeps for 10 hours straight! We will definitely be switching to cloth diapers, I am going to try a couple of different styles to see what works best for us, but I will probably be making another order in the near future, Thanks again!”

    Miranda M. – PEI

  • Received a bundle of Piddly Winx for my son and they are perfect – I will be buying some extra liners, but they fit better than my charlie bananas and my bum genius diapers! Great job, and will be buying more to support local!

    Ashley M – Renfrew, ON

  • Piddly-Winx are awesome, love the fit and love the patterns. Very well made and inexpensive as well. Customer service is wonderful. I’ve recommended Piddly-Winx to many friends!

    Zoe C – Ottawa, ON

  • Customer Service is great, product is affordable and great quality, and the diapers really are easy to use! I would recommend Angela and Piddly-Winx to anyone who wants to learn how to cloth diaper and save a boatload of money. Thank you!!

    Mark M – Petawawa, ON

  • I’m very new to cloth diapers. I’ve been using them for 2 months. I decided to switch to save money and environmental purposes. I was overwhelmed at first with all the different brands and styles. I was recommended to start with a pocket-all in one diaper. I have now tried 4 different brands of diapers and Piddly-Winx are my new favourite. They are also the most affordable! I first ordered wet/dry bags from Angela because of the affordable cost. Her customer service was great so I decided to order diapers too. Love the cute prints and the style fits my daughter very well. The overnight inserts made of microfibre/bamboo are amazing. My daughter hasn’t had a leak overnight since using them. I’m a very satisfied customer!

    Rebecca S – Sydney, NS

  • I have been thoroughly impressed with Piddly Winx diapers and I’m a cloth vet! The customer service and communication is excellent, shipments come with a very handy prep and care information package and the quality of the diapers is fantastic. I’ve used a large variety of cloth, from all different businesses, and was most impressed with the inserts here. The overnight hybrid inserts are a miracle product in comparison to what you find available through most other providers. I have written a full review on mydomesticdish.com and will definitely recommend Piddly-Winx to family and friends!Alysia C – Welland, ON
  • I’ve purchased a few of your diapers including an over night charcoal. I was very impressed with how much it soaks and can honestly say it’s the only diaper I don’t worry about leaking. Thank you for making such an awesome product. You rock MommaChantel – Canada


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