Red Chevron Newborn Bamboo Cloth Diaper


This product includes a single NEWBORN one size fits all BAMBOO all-in-one cloth diaper with a sewn-in 3-layer super absorbent bamboo insert. This diaper reliably protects babies 4 – 12 lbs.

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Brand new to our Piddly-Winx collection, we are introducing our Red Chevron newborn bamboo all-in-one cloth diaper!

This little bundle of awesome features:
  • Piddly-Winx’s all-in-one newborn diaper’s inside layer is bamboo, which is extremely gentle to the touch. Bamboo is especially great for babies with any skins sensitives.
  • While the outer layer is decorative PUL, it is both waterproof and breathable. This is designed to keep all mess inside the diaper.
  • Sewn right into the diaper is our 3-layer of bamboo insert, keeping the insert stationary and baby dry.
  • Another awesome feature of the newborn bamboo all-in-one diaper is the double gussets, which add that extra protection barrier in case baby has a big pee.
  • Yet another highly-sought after option with our newborn diaper is its snap-down feature that allows space for the umbilical cord. This therefore provides a gentle padding around the sensitive area.
  • All of Piddly-Winx’s newborn diapers are all-in-one; No stuffing, pins or rubber pants are needed! Your diapers are all pre-prepped and ready to go – always! All you need to do is lay the diaper down, place your baby inside, and snap them up.
  • Regarding diaper changing, simply unsnap baby, knock any solids in the toilet, and toss into your pail liner.
  • Diapers fit from 4 lbs through until 12 lbs, depending on baby’s proportions.
  • Preparation instructions are included with every package, along with washing instructions.
Washing instructions are as easy as 1-2-3:
  1. Knock any solids directly into the toilet,
  2. Do a cold rinse without detergent or soap follower by a warm wash with detergent
  3. Dry by either tumbling in your dryer, or line drying! Added benefit of line drying is that the sun is a natural stain-remover, so you will notice very few stains once the sun has been out.

Note: Avoid bleach, fabric softeners, dyes, and scents in the detergent that you use.

Additional information

Weight .154 kg
Dimensions 20.3 × 17.8 × 3.8 cm


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