‘Giraffe Print’ Bamboo Cloth Diaper


This product includes a single one size fits all BAMBOO pocket cloth diaper with a single 4-layer super absorbent bamboo insert. This diaper reliably protects babies 6 – 37 lbs.


This is Giraffe Print, an one size fits all pocket cloth diaper.

This package includes one 4-layer super absorbent bamboo insert.

Our bamboo pocket diapers feature:
  • Back pocket entry for stuffing inserts (can comfortably fit up to 10 layers)
  • Soft interior layer of bamboo for direct contact with skin.
  • Outside layer is waterproof (for smooth, solids, AND fuzzy!)
  • Waist, hip/legs, and front rise snaps to account for all different shapes and sizes
  • Reliably protects babies 6 – 37 lbs – right through until potty training
  • Shells can be used as swim diapers and trainers when it comes time to start potty training.
  • Each diaper comes with a 4-layer bamboo fibre insert. This insert is safe to place directly against your baby’s skin, so you can use the pocket as a hybrid, and just switch out inserts until baby starts to roll.
Some of the benefits of using a bamboo diaper versus a cotton or polyester diaper include:
  • Soft bamboo interior, which is gentler for babies who are more prone to skin sensitivities – excellent for babies struggling with Eczema.
  • Bamboo is more absorbent than microfibre, so having that increased absorbent insert helps reduce the chance of leak.
  • You will find bamboo is a little more stretchy than polyester fabrics, so you can get a snugger fit with bamboo diapers for those babies who are tall and lean, with smaller bums and leaner legs.
  • Thickness wise, bamboo and hemp are thinner than microfibre, so the thickness of a 4-layer bamboo insert is the same as a 3-layer microfibre. Double-stuffing 2 4-Layer Bamboo inserts gives you 8 layers, vs the 6 layers of microfibre.

Additional information

Weight .154 kg
Dimensions 20.3 × 17.8 × 3.8 cm
Insert Selection

No Insert, 4-Layer Bamboo Fibre Insert


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