Assorted 30-Pack Diapers Only


This package includes 30 polyester diapers with 30 4-layer bamboo inserts. The assortment will vary from order to order, and will rely on what is currently still in stock.

This package will be an assorted combination of solid and printed diapers in specified gender.


This package includes 30 surprise diapers, which include 30 4-layer bamboo inserts. Each diaper package will vary from order to order, so your package will not necessarily be the diapers in the photo shown. Your package WILL however include 30 gender specific colours/prints.

Price-wise, this makes each diaper with insert only $9.33-$10.67 each.

This package will be an assorted combination of solid and printed diapers, depending on what stock is left.

To use our diapers, you can either 1) stuff the insert into the back pocket or 2) lay the insert on top of the diaper shell.

Here are some great reasons to try out Piddly-Winx’s polyester diaper line:
  • We have two rows on the top of the diaper. The top rows control both the waist and the hip, allowing you to customize the size of the diaper.
  • Our diapers have a 3 x 3 grid that controls the rise. This allows for a small, medium, and large size setting
  • Piddly-Winx diapers comfortably fits babies from 6 lbs through until 37 lbs.
  • Polyester is a man-made material, so its life span is a little longer than bamboo. This is generally 4-5 years, depending on frequency of use, and washing routines.
  • Each diaper shell consists of 2 layers; the inside is a pill-resistant layer of polyester suede, and the outside is a waterproof PUL.
  • Our diapers are breathable, but are designed to keep moisture in.
  • Whether the outer PUL layer is fuzzy or smooth, they are both equally waterproof.
  • Piddly-Winx diapers are washable and dryable!
  • Our diapers have an elastic-enclosed pocket in the back of the diaper, ensuring a snug fit of the insert
  • Our polyester diapers feature single gussets along the legs to help prevent leaks, and to keep solids inside the diaper
  • They have the customization to snap up a super small newborn fit, which allows some extra room for the umbilical cord. A link to this fit can be found here.
  • Piddly-Winx diapers can be used as swim diapers. Simply remove the insert and just use the shell, and save additional money by not needing disposable swim diapers!
  • Each of our diapers come with a single, 4-layer bamboo fibre insert.
  • Most of all, Piddly-Winx cloth diapers come with lifetime customer support, so if you have any questions, or need help along the way, just reach out!


Additional information

Weight .9 kg

Boy, Girl, Neutral


Polyester, Bamboo


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