‘Apple Green’ Diaper Pail/Laundry Hamper Liner

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Included in this package is one 55-L waterproof diaper pail liner, featuring a drawstring opening at the top, and a zippered bottom, for easy use and transferring of soiled diapers. This bag can also be doubled as a laundry hamper liner. This bag has been designed to prevent spreading of bacteria and odours throughout the day; it is great for diapers, swim wear, outings, and more.

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1 review for ‘Apple Green’ Diaper Pail/Laundry Hamper Liner

  1. Jaclyn

    I chose this liner as part of a button die and have been using it for over a year. I use it inside a foot-pedal garbage pail which, together with the bag, keep the diaper odour well under control. It can easily hold my entire diaper stash (24+) and can just be washed right alongside the diapers.

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