4-Layer Hemp Boosters, 3-Pack


Included in this package is 3 x 4-layer hemp boosters.

This insert is compatible with most pocket diapers, and all Piddly-Winx pocket diapers. Dimensions are 14” x 5”.

Hemp is designed to absorb an incredible amount of liquid over time. This being said, hemp is not an ideal stand-alone insert due to its gradual absorbing rate. It should be used underneath a bamboo or charcoal bamboo insert.

The material composition of this insert is:

  • 55% Hemp
  • 45% Organic Cotton

It should be noted that cotton naturally shrinks when washed repeatedly, so you may notice that the insert will not hold its shape as perfectly as a bamboo or charcoal bamboo insert. Warping in the inserts is normal, and is to be expected when using hemp.

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