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Is your newborn too tiny for the regular one-size pockets? Don’t want to invest $300-$550 in a newborn cloth diaper stash that you are only going to use for a month or two? Why not just rent a newborn cloth diaper stash?

The rental package will include the following items:

30 x Newborn All-In-One Bamboo Diapers with double gussets (will fit 4-12 lbs)

1 x One-Size Bamboo Pocket Diaper (so you can determine when it is time to transition to one-size diapers)

1 x One-Size Hybrid Charcoal Bamboo Diaper (so you can see the efficiency of the charcoal bamboo for overnights!)

1 x 4-Layer Bamboo Insert

1 x 5-Layer Hybrid Overnight Soaker

1 x 5-Layer Charcoal Bamboo Snap-In Insert

20 x Reusable 1-Layer Bamboo Cloth Wipes

1 x Diaper Pail Liner (Drawstring top and Zippered Bottom)

1 x Antibacterial Wet and Dry Bag

1 x roll of disposable liners (100 sheets)*

1 x Information and Washing Guide*

1 x Unique Coupon Code for Future Purchase*

Support throughout your cloth diapering experience via e-mail or phone

*Included in the rental pack as a free gift – do not need to be returned

Here’s how Piddly-Winx Newborn Diaper Rental Program (NDRP) works:

1. Send us an email or fill out the form below to express interest in renting a package, and we will send you a PDF file including our terms and conditions, as well as a short form to fill out with your basic contact information, due dates, etc. The packages are rented out on a first come, first serve basis; therefore, the more notice you can give us, the better we can guarantee you a package.

2. You pay a $300 deposit on the diapers per kit (if you have twins and would like to rent two kits, the deposit is $600).

3. Shipping to your home is included in the rental cost, but return shipping is your responsibility. We can purchase the return shipping label for you to get the business discount, but the cost will be deducted from your deposit. If you are located in or near North Battleford, SK, you do have the choice to pick up and drop off your rental pack for a $10 discount.

4. The NDRP can be rented for up to 10 weeks. The cost is $80 for the first 4 weeks, and $15 extra for each additional week.

4b. If you have twins, and will be renting multiple kits, we will discount the second kit by $5 per week, so the first 4 weeks of the second kit is $60 and $10 per additional week.

5. This rental cost will be deducted from your deposit. For example, if you return the NDRP within 3 days of your first month, you will receive a $220 return. After your first month, $15 will be deducted from the deposit after each week. If the rental package has not been returned by the end of 10 weeks, and no contact has been made with Piddly-Winx to make an extension request, the package will be considered sold, and the deposit will not be returned.

6. Upon return of the package, you will receive the remaining deposit for items returned within 5 business days. All items should be returned laundered and in clean condition.

6a. Should you choose to keep any diapers or accessories, you will be reimbursed the remaining deposit, less the value of the items kept.

6b. Should any of the diapers or accessories be lost or damaged due to misuse or abuse(normal wear and tear and staining is to be expected), these items will be charged to the deposit.

6c. Should you choose to purchase and keep the entire package, you will be refunded $50.

For more information, please fill out the contact form below!

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