Part 3 – Conclusion and Results from Disposables vs Cloth Diapers


(If you missed Part 1 – In Depth Disposables, or if you want to know where our numbers are coming from, please click here.)

(If you missed Part 2 – In Depth Cloth Diaper Analysis and Comparison, or if you want to know where our numbers are coming from, please click here.)


For those of you who would prefer to just see the final numbers, this post is for you. For anyone just joining us, please visit the two previous blog posts linked above to read a detailed version of where all my numbers have come from!


Now, without further a due, here is a quick summary table of the diapering options currently available, and their approximate cost per change, including laundry for cloth diapers (using $294 over 3 years), based on 2014 prices.

Kind of Diapers

Cost Per Change

Cost Per Year

Cost Per 3 Years

Disposables – Huggies




Disposables – Pampers




Disposables – Seventh Generation




Cloth – Prefold System




Cloth – Fitted System




Cloth – All-In-One System




Cloth – Pockets (2 Sizes)




Cloth – Pockets (One Size)




Based on these numbers, the most cost effective way to save money with diapering is using Piddly-Winx one-size pocket diaper option, which comes to a grand total of $0.09 per change. Second place are OsoCozy prefoldsm using Bummies Covers at a cost of $0.11 per change. Finally, GroVia’s AIO cloth diapering system comes in third place at a cost of $0.15 per change.

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