Chicken Fettuccine FinalI am a big fan of pasta. Fettuccine is one of my favourites, so naturally, this recipe turned out great. Note that this is a two-parter meal, meaning that we are only making the sauce now, and when you are ready to serve it, pasta will need to be prepped. We portioned our freezer bags for 4-6 servings per meal, and this recipe makes 4 meals. You may need to adjust your numbers accordingly. This will be the same for each meal that I post. A side idea would be a tossed salad – no need for cooked sides, as this is already a complete meal. A slice of garlic toast or fresh baked bun is a good idea too.

Makes: 24 servings

Calories:  325 calories per 242g serving

Chicken Fettuccine Ingredients


8 lbs of Chicken (boneless, skinless)

1 onion (medium), minced

10 cups of Shredded Cheese

2 cups of peppers, red

4 cans of mushroom soup

1/4 cup of chicken boullion

2 cups of milk, 1%

2 tsp of pepper

2 cups of chicken broth

FOR COOKING TIME: 32oz of fettuccine pasta ( 4 x 8 oz bags)


  1. First, prep your chicken. I always give it a rinse after I take it out of the store packaging. Cube up the chicken and place it into 4 large freezer bags with 2 lbs of chicken in each.Chicken Fettuccine Portons
  2.  Add the onions, bell peppers, chicken bouillion, mushroom soup, milk, pepper, and 2 cups of grated cheese together in a large mixing bowl and mix thoroughly. Divide into 4 equal portions and add to each of the large freezer bags. Seal this bag.
  3. In a second bag, add 2 more cups of grated cheese into a medium sized freezer bag, and staple one to each bag.
  4. Label bag and flash freeze for an hour so that you get a nice, flat, bag for easy stacking. Transfer to freezer.
  5. When it comes time to eat the meal, use your stove to cook 32 oz of pasta for 10-12 minutes, and add the chicken bag into a 2 qt oven-friendly dish. Spread cheese along the top of the casserole, and bake at 350 F for 45 minutes to 1 hour, uncovered.


Frugal Cost Breakdown (based on 2016 prices):

8 lbs of Chicken (boneless, skinless) – $3 per pound = $24
1 onion (medium), minced = $2 per 3 lbs  = $0.33
3 cups (400g) of Shredded Cheese = $10 for 907g = $14.70
2 cups of peppers, red = $1.47/lb = $3.68
4 cans of mushroom soup = $1 per can = $4.00
2 cups of milk, 1% = $4.65 for 4L = $0.58
1/4 cup of chicken bouillon = $2.47
2 tsp of pepper = $0.22
32 oz of fettuccine pasta = $2.77

Total cost of recipe: $52.75
Total cost per meal: $13.19
Total cost per serving (based on 6 per meal): $2.20

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