Freezer Meals Chicken Edition - Introduction

Frugality is an art. It takes time and investment to produce a decent return. Whether it’s couponing and price matching, meal planning with flyer sales, or shopping the online sales and outlet stores, it isn’t “easy”. Sometime, however, really awesome opportunities come up, and you need to fork out some money to save more money in the long run – cloth diapering is a perfect example of this. You need to spend to save.

I am a shop-the-sales kind of girl. Every two or three days, I head over to our local No Frills to check out their 30% and 50% discounted items from the day before – my husband likes to call it “pink sticker” shopping. I am fortunate to be living in a smaller town, so there is many items, and few shopper competitors… if there was another me in this town, I would be in big trouble.

Anyways, a few weeks ago, I was doing my regular shop… and low and behold, I found some chicken on sale. There was *so much* chicken… fresh, boneless, skinless chicken. All packaged in about 2 kg packages. At least 60 packages… all prices at $2.00 a pound. This is something I would buy on a regular day. However, as I peeked into the large refrigerated container, THEY WERE ALL PINK-STICKERED. I was so excited. Each package was an extra 30% off… so it worked out to $1.40 a pound. Awesome deal.

So, I grabbed 12 packages. On my way home, I had a guilty feeling that I should probably check to see if my local friends needed any. So I made a few stops along the way, and ended up needing to go back for more. When I returned, there was about 30 left. After calling my brother, who was visiting for the week, we decided we would purchase them all, and process them that night into freezer meals, packaged into meal-sized portions, and have them all labelled, sealed, and stored in the freezer.

This being said, I also thought it would be an awesome opportunity to share with all of you the different recipes we used, the calorie count of each, and the total cost of each meal. I won’t use the $1.40 a pound price, because that simply isn’t a normal sale price, but I will use the sale price of $3 a pound, as chicken does go on sale for this price every few months.

Here is a list of the chicken meals we made. Most are slow cooker meals, as I am a big fan of little overall work. As each recipe goes live, I will update the hyperlink 🙂

Have an awesome chicken freezer meal of your own? Feel free to share in comments!

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