The Duct Tape Rose, a Valentine’s Day Craft

With Valentine’s Day coming up, one of my friends (Thanks, Hunter G!) suggested making this super cute, super easy, duct tape flower for my husband, in just six easy steps!

Here are the materials you need:

1 Roll of Coloured Duct Tape – we used Red for a Rose

1 Roll of Green Duct Tape – for the stem

1 pencil (or straw/pen – anything solid and narrow)


Step #1

Cut a 3 to 4 inch piece of the coloured duct tape and place it on the table, sticky side up, like the image.

Step #2

Fold the bottom left and right corners up to the middle of the tape, forming a triangle, which is now your first petal! Make sure you still have the sticky strip at the top!

Step #3

Wrap this petal around your pencil, attaching it with the sticky part of the petal that is still exposed.

Step #4

Repeat step #1 to #3, creating more petals and adding them to the stem. rotating the pencil around, creating a flowering effect. Placing the petals higher up the stem or lower down will achieve different dimensions and have great results.

Step #5

Once you have added all the petals you’d like, it’s time to put on the stem. Cut off a 5 – 6 inch (length of whatever object you chose to use as a stem) piece of green duct tape and place it on the table, sticky side up. Place your pencil along the length of the tape, and roll it slowly, covering the length of the pencil.

Step #6

Repeat Step #1 and #2 with a piece of green duct tape and add it right at the base of the flower bud, forming the top of the stem. Repeat this once (or twice) more to create a leaf(leaves) on the side of the stem. Tadaa, you are finished!

Do you have a favourite Valentine’s Day craft? Please share in the comments!


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