I Love My Dad Tape Art PhotoThis is a super cute Father’s Day craft idea that my 3-year old made for Dad (with a little bit of taping help from Mom). Not only was it cheap and easy for her to do, it was great for her coordination was a ton of fun!


You will need the following items:

  • Canvas (We bought ours at Dollarama for $1.25)
  • Washable Paints (We used Crayola Poster Pail, but any paint will do – make sure it is child-friendly)
  • Paint brush (We actually didn’t have a single brush in the house, so I let her use one of my sponge make-up applicators in a pinch – anything will really work here!)
  • Painter’s tape (the green stuff – again, found at Dollarama)
  • Glue Gun
  • Pipe Cleaner

Prep (Help from Mom!)

Mom will need to help with the initial set up. Using your painter’s tape, spell out what you would like your sign to say. Here are some ideas – the trick is short and sweet, or you will have a hard time fitting it all on a single canvas:

  • I <3 Dad
  • Love You Dad
  • My Dad
  • # 1 Dad

Next, pick out the colours you would like your little one to use –we made the mistake on our first attempt of letting HER pick the colours, and they all blended into an ugly brown. Here are some suggestions:

  • Purple, Pink and Yellow
  • Red, Orange, and Yellow
  • Light Blue, Dark Blue, and Green
  • Purple, Blue, and Yellow

Time to Paint!

  1. Put about a tablespoon of each colour in separate bowls, and make sure you have your little one “paint proofed” with a shirt that she can dirty up, and newspapers down on your table!
  2. Let your little one use each of the colours one at a time, gradually covering her canvas with colour. Every inch does not need to be covered, but make sure that the tape has been covered, so that when the tape is removed, the words can clearly be shown.
  3. Once they are finished, let the painting dry completely. Do NOT take off the paint until it is completely dry, or you will smudge the letters.
  4. Once the painting is dry, slowly peel off the painter’s tape, and it will reveal your special picture!
  5. Mom, use the glue gun to fasten the pipe cleaner to the back of the canvas, so dad can hang it up on the wall.

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