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One of my favourite parts of holidays is having the opportunity to do some “cosmetic baking”. I am not artistic by any means, but I love being able to give something new a shot, and praying that it actually looks decent and tastes great. While I do tend to procrastinate, this blog has given me incentive to start things ahead of time! Here are some pretty cute Canada Day-themed recipes that both kids and families alike will enjoy! Some recipes might take a little more work than others, but I’m sure you can find something to try from this list!

#1 – Yummy Strawberry Canada Flag Cake canada-day-cake-v-1 (Photo from The Gracious Pantry)

Healthy and delicious! This cake would make a great dessert for at home or for a party. Parents will need to help with the slicing of the strawberries, but this activity is definitely kid friendly – both for creating and devouring.

#2 – Angel Food Cake Jars – Canada Day Edition (Strawberry!) Canada Day Angel Food Cake Piddly Winx(Photo from Iowa Girl Eats)

Here is another healthy, EASY dessert/snack/munchie that is pretty mess AND bake free! The author suggests purchasing the cake portion ahead of time to save on baking headaches, but for those more gifted at baking, you can definitely do that part yourself too! I have tried this recipe, and love love love it!

#3 – Red and White Fruit(ish) Kabob Canada Day Fruit Kabob Piddly Winx (Photo from Creative Mama on a Dime)

These fruit kabobs are delicious, and are not only simple to make, but you have the flexibility to add or replace different fruits to tailor to your kiddos. We love to add raspberries!

#4 – Kit Kat Canada Day Cake canada-day-cake-6 (Photo from Little Miss Kate and Co.)

While this is slightly on the un-healthier side of the spectrum, this cake is DEFINITELY a crowd pleaser, and is a great compliment to any family and friends gathering. Not only does it look amazing, it tastes even better! Tying the ribbon on at the end was a little difficult for me, but as I already had the cookie cutter sitting in my cupboard, on a budget, this cake was a hit!

#5 – Canadian Inukshuk Treats lens21065839_1369418760 (Photo from Food on Squido)

Here is something unique for Canada Day! There are healthy and non-healthy variations, but this is definitely different from your traditional cake and fruit wands! These can be made with red and white treats and fruits, or can be made with meats, cheeses, and pickles for a meal alternative. These are so cute!

#6 – Canada Day Jello Cakes Canada Day Jello Cake Piddly Winx (Photo from Making Sweets)

Here is a super easy Canada Day favourite! Just remember it needs to sit, so it is not a last minute solution. However, it is a hit for kids of all ages, and they look really cool!

#7 Canada Day Fruit (and Marshmellow) Wand Canada-Day-Marshmallow-fruit-wand-31-1024x682 (Photo by Christy’s Gourmet)

Here is a variation of the fruit kabobs (which are healthy and delicious), only longer with more sweets! Again, you have the flexibility to add or replace different fruits to tailor to your family.

#8 Treat for Mom and Dad – Canada Day Booze Pops Canada Day Alcohol Pops Piddly Winx (Photo from Once Upon a Cutting Board)

This is not… I repeat… not for kids! This is a special treat for mom and dad (and friends) which does contain alcohol. A non-alcoholic version can be made for kids.


What’s your favourite Canada Day recipe? Let us know in the comments![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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