FathersDayPiddlyWinx2014[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text disable_pattern=”true” align=”left” margin_bottom=”0″]If you are anything like me, I usually leave all gifts to the very last minute.

This year, I decided to start looking for ideas ahead of time – and I found some really cute things that I would like to share. Some of these take a little bit more work than others, but they are all super cute ideas!


#1 – Super cute “DAD” framed photo – great for all ages


(Photo from Twinkles Toes Bowtique)

Here is a great idea with this photo session – would only take a few minutes to take the actual photos – For frugality purposes, you could either cut out the letters with Bristol board from the dollar store, or use form cut outs from a floor mat! The author suggests purchasing paper mache letters and painting them – lots of options!


#2 – Homemade Tie Windsock
Piddly Winx Fathers Day DIY Idea

(Photo from Kids Activities Blog)

Instead of buying Dad another tie to add to his collection of 100, here is a  great idea as to how to recycle the ties from the last 10 years that he might rarely be wearing! If dad is using all his ties, you could easily hit up a second-hand store and pick up some used ties for cheap.


#3 – Homemade Ipad, E-Reader, or Tablet Cover
Homemade Ipad Cover

(Photo from Instructables)

Did Dad get a new e-reader or Ipad for Christmas? Here is a great idea for a DIY tablet, Ipad, or e-reader cover. The idea is great, and you can recycle some old books too! Note: You do need some Sugru to make this project happen!


#4 – Handmade Garden Stones
Fathers Day DIY Idea 2014

(Photo from Pretty Prudent)

Here is an original idea on making handmade garden stones from polymer. I’m sure this could be replicated with a homemade playdough or cooking clay – but using stamps for the letters is brilliant!

#5 – World’s Best Pop
Fathers Day Craft Idea Piddly Winx

(Photo from Creative Chrissy)

Looking for a glue-less, paint-less idea? Try out this idea, which is great  for those less-than-crafty folks! Make a little goodie bag filled with “pop” items – candy pop, ring pop, bottle of pop, popcorn, etc. Will cost a little more, but definitely a last-minute option!

#6 – DIY Homemade Aftershave
Fathers Day Gift DIY Aftershave

(Photo from Savvy Sugar)

This will take a little bit more time to prepare, but how awesome would homemade aftershave be? Try out this awesome step-by-step recipe to cook up this special gift for dad!


#7 We Love You Berry Much

(Photo by Lil Luna)

Here is another easy idea for those who may be artistically challenged. Why not create a super cute, and super yummy treat? Make sure to leave some candy for the jar!


#8 DAD Card Collage
DAD Collage Fathers Day Piddly Winx Canada

(Photo from Crazy About My BayBah)

This one will take a little bit of prep, especially to get all of your pictures organized, but it will be well worth it, and your little one can help! Using just a trifold display board and photos, you can create a card that not only stands on its own, but one that Dad will not soon forget!


#9 Numerous Snack Father’s Day Ideas
Fathers Day Snack Idea Piddly Winx

(Photo from Little Birdie Secrets)

Here is a super easy and quick idea for a sweet-toothed Dad! Little Birdie has a list of a couple different snack-and-note ideas which are easy and affordable to put together. She also has some witty card suggestions!


#10 “Pop”sicle Stick Thank You Sign
daddy fix it sign2

(Photo from Pink and Green Mama)

Finally,this is an easy craft that can be made simply with Popsicle sticks, string, and some crayons. It is super cute, and easy to do! This can also easily be converted into a fridge kitchen sign or magnet, and can easily be used as a gift for Mothers Day as well!


Do you have some easy Father’s Day craft ideas? Let us know in the comments![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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