Here are some cloth diapering myth questions and statements that came up over the past weekend at our big sale in Kanata. I thought I would put together a quick piece to help put these worries to ease!

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Myth: I can not travel with cloth diapers.

Fact: Yes, you can! Piddly-Winx cloth diapers have everything you need in one spot – the insert can be pre-stuffed in your diaper bag, and all you need to do is snap snap snap! Fold up the dirty diaper and place it into one of the reusable wet-bags, which can hold 4-6 soiled diapers, zip it closed, and away you go – just as convenient as a disposable, but you aren’t throwing away your money!

 Myth: Cloth diapering is more expensive.

Fact: Actually, it’s the opposite. Cloth Diapering is less than half the cost of using disposables. Over a three year period, including power, water, and detergent costs, using Piddly-Winx diapers will cost approximately $922. Using disposable diapers, based on prices from, diapers will cost approximately $2356.26. In addition to this, your cloth diapers can be reused for more than one child, so you can resell them after you are finished with them!

 Myth: Cloth diapers can’t keep my baby dry.

Fact: The materials used in modern-cloth diapers have come a long way from the older flannelette diapers. Whether using the cotton or bamboo diapers, both have super-absorbent, three layer inserts included, designed to withstand even the biggest piddles. Also, as a side note, toddlers tend to potty train sooner with cloth diapers compared to disposables, as they actually FEEL when they piddle themselves.

 Myth: Cloth diapers need to be changed more frequently.

Fact: Not true! For cloth and disposable diapers, newborns use approximately 12-16 diapers a day for the first 3 months. In the following nine months, they use 8-12 diapers per day. Diaper rashes occur less often with more frequent changes, regardless of whether you use disposable diapers or cloth – but disposable diapers can sometimes confuse the level of “dryness” your baby is feeling due to their absorbent chemicals inside the diaper. Also, with the cloth diaper, if you place the insert on top of the inside layer of the diaper, if your baby just has a small piddle, you can easily swap out the insert, as opposed to having to change the entire diaper, unlike disposables.

 Myth: Cloth diapers, and diaper pails, really stink!

Fact: Baby poop, in general, really stinks, but disposable diapers do not smell any less foul. As long as you  have a good air-tight diaper pail, coupled with a non-toxic deodorizer (even vinegar will work), you will find the cloth diapers will smell less than your disposables.

 Myth: Cloth diapers take more work.

Fact: In the short term, yes, they take a little bit more work – you will need to do an extra 1 or 2 loads of laundry a week, hang them up to dry, then put them away. However, when you factor in the time to get you and your baby dressed, drive to the store, purchase the diapers after waiting in line, and returning home, every time you buy disposable diapers – you will find that you spend less time with cloth diapering.

 Myth: You have to use diaper pins.

Fact: Some people choose to use the older flannelette liners with rubber pants, but these diapers use complete snap technology, which means no sharp pins, no lint-covered Velcro, and no extra rubber pants.

 Myth: Cloth diapers are big and bulky

Fact: If the diapers are fit correctly with the snap sizes tailored to your baby’s size, the diaper should not look bulky at all – it  should fit snugly around the baby’s waist and legs.


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