FAQ – What Are Your Recommendations?

Another question I get on a daily basis is "what are your personal recommendations?". Here are some approximate recommendations for how many diapers you will minimally need per baby, based on the age of your child when you start cloth diapering. Please note, the fewer...

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FAQ – Prepping Your New Polyester Diapers

Every purchase from our website (or in person) comes with a quick-wash and prep guide, but sometimes there are some additional questions, and clarification required. Here are some commonly asked questions on how to properly and effectively prep polyester diapers. What...

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My Washing Machine Won’t Drain – DIY Fix

So, this morning... the worst thing in a cloth diaperer's world happened. My laundry machine stopped working! I mean, it still made noise, so I knew the fuse wasn't blown, and it would fill with water, and the middle spinner would work... but it wouldn't drain! I...

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FAQ – Help! My Diapers Are Leaking (Waist)

FAQS – Help! My Diapers Are Leaking (Waist and Other) Don’t give up yet! Leaks can definitely be discouraging, but for the amount of cash you are saving, it is worth it to push through and find that medium. If your diapers are leaking out of the legs, please check out...

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FAQ – Help! My Diapers Are Leaking (Legs)

  The infamous problem many new moms and first time cloth diaperers have - leaks! The good news? 99% of the time, it is resolvable. It could be as simple as a snap, but as complicated as a strip. Either way, the diapers can be fixed. Leg Leaks The most common place...

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Replacing Elastics in Your Cloth Diaper 101

Ok, so I’m going to flat out admit - I am NOT a very good, nor experienced, sewer. In fact, I just bought my first sewing machine on Boxing Day, and it is expected to arrive today! That being said, I fully understand the reasons why one might want to "refresh" their...

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FAQ: What’s Your Return Policy?

Return Policy Buying cloth diapers is a commitment, and while we understand that cloth diapering is not for everyone, we CAN NOT accept any returns or exchanges on open, used, or washed products. This is due to hygiene issues, as well as potential allergy exposures....

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The 5 W’s of Stripping Cloth Diapers

The 5 W's of Stripping Your Cloth Diapers The term “stripping” cloth diapers refers to breaking down any residues on the diaper shells (and sometimes inserts) and these residues can build up because of urine and/or laundry detergents. If you do a search on the...

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Piddly-Winx Cloth Diapers Feedback and Reviews

Reviews and feedback are extremely important for assisting in coming to an educated conclusion as to whether a brand or type of cloth diaper will best suit both you and your baby's needs. Every child is different, and may need a different diapering setup tailored...

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The Newborn Diapering Decision

(Photo of Newborn Rental Pack) So, you are just coming home with your brand new baby. No doubt, you have done tons of research into the costs associated with being new parents, and you have probably been stocking as many items up that you have been able to grab on...

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Interesting Cloth Diapering Myths and Facts

Here are some cloth diapering myth questions and statements that came up over the past weekend at our big sale in Kanata. I thought I would put together a quick piece to help put these worries to ease! [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text disable_pattern="true"...

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What Condition Is Your Cloth Diaper In?

When browsing the buy and sell section for used cloth diapers, you may see some abbreviations that you’ve never seen before. Fear not, I am here to help! First, here are a few definitions of terms that I use to describe the abbreviations that you may be unfamiliar...

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