My Auction Number!

Since the first auction was so successful, I decided to give it another shot.  This time, being a Saturday morning auction, there were many more people, but surprisingly, the items didn’t sell for too much more – I was pleasantly surprised. I also went to this auction solo, with a budget, and strict buying terms. Sad face.

Item #1 – I was pretty stoked about this auction. I even called Noel immediately after this purchase.



Condom Lot!

Brand is Durex and Trojan. There are 54 packs of 12 condoms, and 81 packs of 3 condoms for a total of 891 condoms. Unsure of the liquidation reason, but the expiration date is in 2019, and they are all sealed.  Twelve packs are selling for $9.97 and three packs are selling for $4.97 each.

Value: $940.95

Price I paid: $62.92

Total saved: $878.03

Percent Discount: 93% 

Item #2 – Similar to the first auction, once again, they were liquidating pads and tampons. This time I grabbed 3 more lots – one of tampons, and two of pads.


Always Pads and Playtex tampons.

Brand is Always and Playtex. There are 88 pads in the box, a 44 pack, a 38 pack and a 76 pack, plus a box of 96 tampons. Liquidated due to customer return, reason unknown. The 88 pack is valued at $21.34, 44 pack is $7.57, 76 pack is $15, and the 38 pack is 7.57. The box of Playtex tampons is valued at $18.

Value: $69.48

Price I paid: $14.30

Total saved: $45.87

Percent Discount: 79% 

Item #3 – Dog Dish – This was purely need, not to turn a profit. Item was missing one stainless steel bowl, with a silicone mat.


Doggie Bowl!

Brand is Messy Mutts. This item is available on Amazon, and it valued at $49.99

Value: $49.99

Price I paid: $13.31

Total saved: $36.68

Percent Discount: 73% 

Item #4 – Digital Water timer – Again, another necessity. We just got hit for a $475 water bill because I turn on the sprinklers and forget to turn them off – no need to worry now!


Digital Water Timer with LED display

Brand is Melnor. Valued at $99.99 on, this was a pretty awesome deal for me. Did come sealed in a cardboard box, but no instructions 🙁

Value: $99.99

Price I paid: $13.31

Total saved: $86.68

Percent Discount: 87% 

Halfway point! Here is a quick summary of what we bought during the first half of the auction:

Value: $2320.82

Price I paid: $103.84

Total saved: $2216.98

Percent Discount: 95.5%

Stay tuned for Episode #4 for what I bought second half!

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