Piddly-Winx-Cloth-Diapers-Auction-EP1As mentioned in the previous episode, the temperature in the auction building was super hot… between 38-40 degrees C. Not a place for two little ones to be, and they were voicing their opinions… loudly.

It was at this point that Noel decided that he should take them for a drive in the air conditioned car, and I would try to stick around for a couple more items. Noel was brave to trust me with the credit card…

Item #9 – A Lazy Susan! I have been wanting this for a while, but for an odd reason. We have a rumoli board and I have envision having it spin on a lazy susan… would make putting money into the containers so much easier than reaching across the table.


Signature Housewares Lazy Susan

Brand is Signature. The only place I can find this available is on for $102.05. Liquidated due to box being discontinued (again, making pricing difficult).

Value: $102.05

Price I paid: $8.47

Total saved: $93.58

Percent Discount: 92% 

Item #10 – Water wings! With a two-year-old and being the middle of summer… this seemed like a logical purchase. Great for 30 lbs-50 lbs, she just barely makes the cut.


Paddle Pals

Brand is Paddle Pals. Liquidated due to customer return, reason unknown. Still has tags on it. Retails for $21.97.

Value: $21.97

Price I paid: $6.05

Total saved: $15.92

Percent Discount: 72% 

Item #11 – An aerobed… now this was a fluke purchase. I had no idea what it was, just hoped that it was at least a twin air mattress. It had no size declared, no brand… nothing. This is what we were presented with:


Luckily, I snagged it at a great price, and was really hoping it could be something we could use for out upcoming camping trip next week… however, to my delight, this is what it ended up being (and excuse the shoddy photo, but it is a queen-sized complete bed with air headboard and an electric pump installed right in the mattress – all we have to do is push a button and it auto inflates!):


Coleman Aerobed with Headboard

Brand is Coleman. Liquidated due to customer return, reason stated is leak – but we don’t see one (or feel) one! Retails for $249.97.

Value: $249.97

Price I paid: $24.02

Total saved: $225.95

Percent Discount: 90% 

Item #12 – Golfing bag! This is what Noel had his sights on all night – a brand new (with tags!) golf club bag. I was under strict direction not to pay more than $50 for it.


Brand is Callaway. Brand new with tags. Liquidated due to out of season. Retails for $99.99.

Value: $99.97

Price I paid: $42.35

Total saved: $57.64

Percent Discount: 90% 

Item #13 – Executive Leather Office Chair. This is long overdue, as our cats have made a nest out of our current ones. All the faux leather has peeled… just time for a new one. And since the price was so great, I grabbed 2!


Brand is unknown, but I’m sure it is from Costco. Excellent used condition. Liquidated due to display unit in store. Retails for $209.99. I bought 2.

Value: $417.98

Price I paid: $96.80

Total saved: $321.18

Percent Discount: 77% 

Item #14 – Last but not least, this final purchase was what made me terrified of doing auctions again without being further informed. This was a blind leap of faith for me. We had seen this hooked up in the hall, so I did know it worked, but I didn’t know the brand, size, kind… nothing! And it wasn’t a small purchase by any means.


Brand is LG. It is a 47” 1080p LED Smart TV. No idea why it was returned, but came with both remote and in box. Retails for $1299.99.

Value: $1299.99

Price I paid: $423.50

Total saved: $876.49

Percent Discount: 67% 

It was at this point that I decided enough money had been spent. Here is a peek of my grand total (including Episode 1):

Value: $2471.83

Price I paid: $681.05

Total saved: $1790.78

Percent Discount: 72.4% 

Not too shabby for a first timer.

What were some of your awesome brags this week? 🙂

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