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A Canadian Company, Created By A Canadian Mother

Angela Aucoin started Piddy-Winx while pregnant with her first child, Peyton. While researching tricks and tips for being a thrifty mom, Angela came across cloth diapering. Feeling overwhelmed with the proposed costs for “name brands”, Angela did her own research on cloth diapering. By testing absorbency levels, she put together an affordable and effective blend of materials for her cloth diapers, which is now known as “Piddly-Winx”. While she does not make the diapers by hand, she hand-picks the materials, designs, patterns, exterior materials, and packaging for each diaper.

Located in Nepean, Ontario, Canada

I have compared bamboo, cotton, polyester, microfibre, and hemp. I strongly believe that my blend is the perfect balance between affordability and reliability – not to mention they are adorable! I stand 100% behind these diapers, because I use them myself!

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