I LOVE IT!!!!  I love that it wicks the wetness away from babes bum.  And it holds a lot of pee.  Today, I had it on my little guy at 7:30 and forgot to change him before we left to do errands.  I didn’t change him again until 11 and his bum was still fine, no rash, and no leaks.  Very impressive. At first, I was hesitant, as I have been using the outside liners (not the ones that go in the pocket).  I like the idea of being able to use the shell more than one time – as I find it saves on cost (I only have 5 shells – and that is plenty).  I simply change the liner and snap a new one into the dry shell, unless it was a messy poop, then I would have to change it all.  But I really ended up liking the diaper.  It seemed much more comfortable (to me anyways!) It was so soft, and there were no edges exposed to his bum.  Also worked much better to keep the poop inside the diaper.  I know there are people who prefer the inside the pocket, and those who prefer outside – simply a preference.  But, you actually changed my preference! Thank you very much – you have a fantastic product.  Go Mama Go!!

John – London, ON

Piddly-Winx’s are the best! I have one single Piddly-Winxs diaper – and am eagerly waiting to place my order for more!! It is the prized diaper … You know the one … The first one you pop on out of the laundry? It is so very soft and comfy – and the snaps make sure it is the perfect fit for my little one. I haven’t had trouble with poop staining – at least nothing a little sunshine won’t fix. Highly, highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah N.